News for Alumni

  • President Michael Pawelke
    Thinking crazy or thinking biblically

    Followers of Christ must be willing to unlearn incorrect mental models and replace them with correct mental models leading to the shaping of a Christian worldview. President Michael Pawelke shares a case study in the power of biblical thinking.


  • L to R: Jonathan Parkin, Josh Tilroe, Kody Humphrey, Sheridan Clifford, Daniel McElroy, Dawson Duncan, and Stirling Boehm in
    Summer Stage brings community together

    Even though there are no hills, The Landing is alive with the sound of music this summer. Over 50 volunteers have come together to make it all possible.


  • Professor Lori Peters
    A tribute to buoys and anchors

    “We are lucky to have a long tradition of faithfulness amongst our faculty.” Professor Lori Peters remembers the impact of faithful faculty members in the lives of students past and present—including herself!


  • Alumni of the Year 2019

    Briercrest honours Jeff and Kendra Neustaedter


  • Jeff and Kendra Neustaedter, along with President Michael Pawelke and Marilyn Muller, at graduation.
    Briercrest honours Jeff and Kendra Neustaedter

    Briercrest named Jeff and Kendra Neustaedter the 2019 Alumni of the Year at our College and Seminary graduation this April.


  • Briercrest
    April 2019 Newsletter

    Quarterly update on what's happening at Briercrest. College students head to the North West Territories, what's on the stage this year at Summer Stage and BCA students world tour!


  • Briercrest President Michael Pawelke
    Studies in Biblical Leadership - Our Vision

    President's Chapel with Michael Pawelke. We hope and pray that you will engage the world as global citizens doing good in our world as healers, helpers, problem solvers and bridge-builders, and then as messengers of hope.


  • Women fall to Fanshaw in final match

    The women faced Fanshaw College in the Bronze Medal match of the national tournament.


  • Photo by Melanie Hoimyr
    Women move on to Bronze medal at Nationals

    Women's volleyball beat the Douglas Royals in a tight match to move into the final bronze medal match at Nationals.


  • Photo by Melanie Hoimyr
    Women lose in tough 5 set match

    Women's volleyball try to stage an exciting comeback victory against the Cavaliers in the first round at Nationals.


Along with teaching necessary counselling skills, our professors are also working to ensure we learn other significant and less obvious skills, such as confidence in our abilities, creative public speaking and a deep appreciation for God's Word.
Kendra Siggelkow (Seminary)