Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable gift planning is the process of realizing philanthropic objectives while optimizing tax and other financial benefits. Many people who feel they have been blessed during their lives want to offer something back to our world – planned gifts are one way in which they can provide this support. By planning a gift you can provide a significant future donation without investing large sums of money. You can also realize significant tax savings at the same time, by making a gift today or planning a deferred gift. Including Briercrest in your financial and estate plans enables you to make a larger gift than you may have thought possible, while potentially realizing a significant financial benefit to you and your family.

The purpose of this page is to offer general information, not to give professional advice. We strongly encourage you to consult with professional advisors. Briercrest’s Charitable Gift Planning Program can be tailored to your financial situation.

Donor Benefits

A planned gift can enable you to:

  • maximize your tax, financial, and estate planning benefits
  • consider your personal and family needs
  • make a significant contribution to a cause in which you believe
  • direct your donation to support any aspect of outstanding Christian Education at Briercrest
  • establish a named fund in the memory of someone or perpetuate the name of a business, church, or service organization
  • make a gift that continues to give after you have passed on
  • leave a truly meaningful gift for which you will be remembered

Donor Interests

Supporting the equipping of students to serve the church and engage the world:

  • student awards (scholarships, bursaries & awards)
  • determine the terms & conditions of an award
  • academic teaching and research chairs
  • faculty retention and recruitment
  • facilities and equipment
  • academic and athletic programs
  • establish an endowment or allow a gift to be used immediately
  • contributing to the Briercrest Endowment
  • to help ensure the sustaining nature of this national ministry
  • where needed most
The classes have provided ways in which to challenge my thinking, and how I communicate what I am learning. I've noticed that I bring a more gracious and thoughtful approach to my sermons and lectures at the church where I am serving.
Nathan Scott (Seminary)